Wednesday, 7 November 2012


'About a year ago I was talking about my travel wishlist  with my good friend Sam Lambert. I had mentioned visiting Africa and immediately Sam told me I had to meet this group of young men in Soweto that called themselves The Smarties.

Sam was right; these young men love fashion, design their own looks, and even sew the clothes themselves. Their look is a mix of their personal experiences and their dreams.

Kabelo, the young man pictured above, found this suit at a second-hand shop and and had it altered to his exact desires. He is very soft-spoken and sincere, it was quite touching when he told me that Lino is his hero and that he wore his “Italian flag” hat on that specific  day to honor Luca Rubinacci’s birthday.' - Scott Schuman

This honestly made my week, seeing my friend and crew member, actually fam on the best fashion blog in the world, the comments that came from people around the world who are inspired by Kabelo's story made me even happier.

When we started with our shoots Kabelo, Siyabonga and I we had always said that one day we will work with the best in the world and here it is, a slow but moving dream reaching its destination. This is only the beginning of what is to come from us.

I am all sorts of proud of my brother Kabelo ..... this is God Engineering!

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