Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kabelo Kungwane x Wanda Lephoto at the Castle Light event

People are often surprised by how young and how well we are able to dress the way we dress. We are often looked down upon, called names and even laughed at by people we guy even went as far as spitting at our shoes, had I not been wearing a tie that day, lets just say that would have been the last time something came out of his

But as much as I can say people don't understand what we do and hate us, those are only the minority something like 1 in 1000 who actually dislike us, the rest which would be 999 encourage, support and give us love that we could never give back as much but we could only show appreciation and continue doing what we do best...redefining our lives through style.

The castle lite event which was held in Braamfontein was one of those days where we experienced it all.

It's all love to all those that love us, and even more love to those that don't....yet. :)

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