Friday, 26 July 2013


Township Games: Um'rabaraba

The Great Gatsby.......Africa

Kabelo Kungwane and Thami Mashinini bring back a summer look inspired by the Great Gatsby.

Politicians That Inspire.

A lot of our style came out of this era, this period in history. The Black Consciousness Era.

It came out of that period where the Black man decided to take Black pride back from Colonialism...where the Black man demanded respect, not only from other but himself too. The era where the Black man took pride in his appearance.

400 years of Black Slave Ancestors picking the cotton but not wearing it. How times change.
 These were one of the few men that inspire our style..Martin Luther King Jr, Dr Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X. Steve Biko and Patrice Lumumba.

How I wish I had been born earlier so I could have gotten the chance to take these pictures.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Art Of Manipulating Empty Spaces.

Black And Tan.

Black And Tan Part II: Wanda Lephoto x Kabelo Kungwane

Creativity is really something else...funny this style was inspired by a vision Kabelo had when he saw the umbrella he is holding, then came the wall we had been seeing in the city and finally the clothes, yes the style came last. Black and Tan is what we had been seeing and finally it was all executed to fine detail. That's our Black and Tan :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

Madala Project

I'm just saying yo!!

Michael Magagane x The Sartists

Castle Lite Event.....and we don't even drink!!!

A few weeks ago I blogged a picture of Kabelo and myself at the Castle Lite event>>>this is just a short follow up adding onto that. On the day we met friends, one in particular is a friend an inspiring photographer by the name of Unam Ntantala who was more than kind enough to let us use his camera so we could write some sartist photography onto it.....blessings to the brother Unam.

Onto more style things...what happened at the Castle event from a stylish perspective was very special to the eye that sees it......a lot of people complimented me on the details I had, measuring tape as a pocket square, my buttons and other accessory details, but what stood out to me on that day was Kabelo's formal ripped pants. It was amazing seeing someone break the rules with an idea so simple's always good seeing growth and understanding of each other and the world around us.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Black And Tan Part 1: Wanda Lephoto

Black And Tan with Wanda Lephoto.

Black And Tan Part 1: Kabelo Kungwane

Black and Tan by Kabelo Kungwane. That's all :)

Trevor Stuurman x Sartists in JOHO

Out in the city with Trevor Stuurman looking like Mafia's about to break his bones hahaha. A while back we had the honour of meeting and getting to spend a day with ELLE Style Reporter Trevor Stuurman, to talk about life....break bread so the Hip Hop heads call it, and breaking bread is what we did. I don't want to go into deep about what happened on this day but what I can say is keep your eyes open. You might see us somewhere.....soon!!

Melrose Boulrvard with Anthony Bila: Part 2

 Most of the times our style is an expression of and from personal and social experiences that lead up to that point or/and particular outfit put together through a series of carefully thought about emotions......well their usually not 'carefully thought about'

Everything is an experience, a series of life events that builds and shapes the outcome, the final product....most times the final product which you disguise for society to see, and this shoot was one of those experiences. Listening to our friend Anthony Bila talk about his experiences, which in a sense builds on I making sense? Whatever man.

Friday, 5 July 2013

TourismSA x Sartists x Smarteez

A few months ago I posted behind the scenes pictures of a collective project we did with a couple of artists, Tourism South Africa, the Smarteez as well as some international photographers.

I am not clear on what the project entails and what is to come out of it, but from this picture I can say I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the project, (well my pictures that is)...don't judge me!!

Much love nonetheless goes to Floyd Avenue and the rest of the Smarteez crew as well as Lebo of LeboLenPhotography for documenting this.....keep an eye out for the rest of this project as its about to get effy.