Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sartists at Str.Crd Day 2

Impossible Is Nothing.

At Str.Crd day 2 we tried to challenge that, is impossible really nothing? And does the brand back that statement up, inspired by recent collaborations by Adidas with Nigo, Pharrell, Palace, Kanye we thought of a concept we would do if we were afforded a chance to collaborate with the brand at such a level.

So we created, created out of the need to create and only that, to contribute to making better quality product and I think sometimes we are at fault for giving away ideas, being exploited by brands that don't really care about us and what we have to offer but only care about how they benefit as a result that. 

We need to have dreams, dreams so big that they seem impossible and maybe for us this dream is impossible, but if we are not dreaming then what are we doing. The problem is when you have ideas on progressing the level at which culture is being communicated and negotiated, you only care about getting that idea out, by any means possible whether you get support from people or brands. And that is our struggle, a struggle we must admit is hard to overcome because we aren't at a point in our lives where we can afford to do that and not get paid.

We want the money and the dopeness, a dopeness that sometimes exceeds people's ideas of product creation that they can't or rather don't want to help. So having our own brands is important, because we get to dictate what we want without any considerations from elsewhere, and we are working on it, but due to financial struggles and responsibilities with family that don't allow us to dedicate all our time and money to producing at a level where we won't compromise what we stand for, we are at cross-roads. A cross-road that sees us either explore product creation with little to no resources and fight that struggle until it reaches it's peak on our own or another road that sees us use resources the world already has, and through collaborating ultimately better the standard of product.

One thing we know for sure is that, either way we will get to the finish line (with or without aid) and it is only a matter of time that we do.

The Sartists two piece 'Adidas' suit is our first idea of a collaboration, with any brand..and hopefully soon enough there will be more.

Shot by: Hanro Havenga
Directed by: Xzavier Zulu

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