Monday, 25 August 2014

the Brooklyn Circus x Sartists

Okay, so the other day we meet up with a friend who raises a good question, a question we ourselves have been looking into for a while, a question still trying to figure where we stand in belief towards it. He congratulated us on connecting with the Brooklyn Circus and representing the brand to a whole new audience in the township who aren't in urban spaces as much and are not too connected with the world moving beneath the surface, the internet.

With all that said he questioned where we stood in consideration of "African Fashion and style" looking at African manufactured textiles that represent Africa and will eventually shift the global culture into Africa's court. To be honest I had no answer for his questions as we are still understanding and appreciating through research of Africa and textiles manufactured for our people where we fit in, how we fit in and if we fit in into that identity.

This brings me back to this post and how we think we fit in, in re-shaping the image the world has of Africa and the image Africa has of Africa.

A couple of months ago when we met uncle Ouigi founder of the Brooklyn Circus, he told us about a global village and his 100 year plan and how his plan was not looking at the small victories of his brand and himself but at the bigger victories of everyone involved in the 100 year plan, that his plan looked at not recreating the past, but using it as a foundation to build his take on yesterday, today and tomorrow.

To us that is important. Our image may not be African in its traditional aesthetic, feel and maybe even in its expression, but it is in line with a global attitude of re-creating preconceived ideas of where the future is headed. It is African in its story-form, attitude, belief and values and to us, right now that is more important than its "look".

Our re-creation of our story might be blurry in communication and translation, but it is work-in-progress and hopefully it will reach to a point where it answers my friends question and maybe my own too.

This was shot by The Expressionist_ Anthony Bila.

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